JUNE 23, 2016 | 0 FEEDBACKS

Why Isn't Anyone Visiting My Website?

So you’ve just launched your website, invested much of your time on its design, created exposure to your service and increase your business, and not surprisingly you have a direct competition with somewhat similar services, which attracts a constant flow of new customers every day. So how on earth is it possible that yours fail? Why is my email inbox empty? You ask. Why is the phone not ringing every second now and then?

Let’s educate our self a minute. There are countless sites out there on the internet, and lets imagine we have a hierarchical rope in a deep tunnel with businesses grabbing hold of it. What you have to understand is that successful companies will always be the top of the tunnel (due to their long investment or what not), where anyone can see them. Your website will host one of billions alike services. This tells you that without any serious investments your website will remain at the bottom of the rope. No one will be able to see your website at bottom of that dark tunnel, and customers will not just simply find your website by means of SEO. Without any strategic plan, your website and your company will forever be forgotten and lost.

Ok…So what should I do to climb that rope of yours?

There is no magic formula or a one off solution for this but consider the following:

  • Keywords….

    I know you love throwing keywords in your website. You know who doesn’t love your keywords? Myself and your possible customers. Don’t get us wrong, we love real human speaking to us from real human people like yourself. But to tell the truth, it is ill-advised to write your website copy with only search engines in mind. Don’t forget us. You might get away by ranking high, but then what will happen when I land on your page? I will bounce, will I not?

  • You Have No Presence

    If I don’t see you in any of the social media, how will I, or your potential customers know of your website’s existence? You need to reach us wherever possible. Remember, we’re the guests and you’re our host.

  • You Are Not Blogging

    If you are blogging, you aren’t doing it enough. Let’s face it, blogging is one of the greatest tool of increasing web trafficking, its common sense that businesses who blog 10 times a month experience more site visits than the businesses with just 5 times. Oooh, and an important factor is that blog posts is a great tool for increasing the number of indexed pages on your site. So when your website exceeds 300 indexed pages, traffic generation increases by 236%.

  • You Look Strange

    Visiting a website is an equivalent of accepting to enter a strange man’s house. So one is very uncomfortable and needs to be sure that where he is, is trustworthy. To see if your website is perceived as trustworthy, try using or a similar trust-rating tool.

  • Your Nephew Built Your Website

    Don’t get me wrong, our nephew’s rock! But business a serious matter and don’t come cheap. To be the best requires more in every way, including financially. Good websites don’t come cheap, nor their maintenance. It is highly recommended that your website outsmarts any issues. Try getting web beta testers to test your website. Trust me, you won’t regret it!